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Angela Jos


Angela Jos is both a long-time ILS volunteer and a Seminar alumna. She has served the organization in many capacities through the years, including as the Corporate Board Co-President in 2020-2021 and the Seminar Chairperson from 2014 to 2018. Angela went through the flagship Seminar in 2007 as the student leader from East Leyden High School and graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2013 with her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts. She works professionally in global corporate communications and event production.


Ixtel Viramontes

Seminar Chairperson

Ixtel attended Illinois Leadership Seminars for Genoa-Kingston High School in 2011 and she hasn’t missed one since. She has held different positions as a junior staffer, on the Alumni Board as fundraising director, a junior coach and a media ninja. As an adult she has assisted where ever needed as Assistant Director of Operations, Assistant Seminar Chair, and now serves as the Seminar Chair. She graduated from Elmhurst College in 2017 with a BA in Sociology, currently earning her Masters of Conflict Resolution from Dominican University. She currently works for Columbia College Chicago as the Assistant Director of Transfer Initiatives.

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Samantha Kiluk


Samantha attended ILS in 2013, representing Downers Grove North High School and has been involved in every seminar since. From being a junior coach and on Adwin to her current roles as seminar Recruitment Director and Corporate Board Secretary. Samantha holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Michigan Tech and practices as a Bridge Engineer.


Ankit Patel


Ankit Patel attended the Illinois Leadership Seminars as a representative from Watseka Community High School in 2011. Since attending, Ankit has continued to volunteer in a variety of roles, including Assistant Seminar Chair and Assistant Director of Adwin. After graduating from WCHS in 2013, Ankit pursued a BS in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is currently completing an MS in Mechanical Engineering remotely from the same school. He is currently a Software Systems Engineer for John Deere currently based out of Chicago, IL. Ankit has a passion for personal development and consistently drives to find ways to help better the community around him.


Diego Espinoza

Director of Marketing

Diego attended Illinois Leadership Seminars in 2015. He has held various roles in the organization including Fundraising Director and Reunion Director for our Alumni, and Assistant Recruitment Director for 2021’s Seminar. He now volunteers his time for Director of Marketing and is excited to continue to give back to this amazing organization. He currently works professionally as a Creative Director for a creative agency based out of Chicago, IL.


Kelly Paton

Co-Director of Fundraising

Kelly attended the Flagship Seminar for Illinois Leadership Seminars in 2006 and that kicked off her passion for volunteering and working with nonprofits. She was the Director of Operations from 2011 - 2015 and then took a break to get her Master's Degree in Nonprofit Management from Hamline University and volunteer at the Rio Summer Olympics in 2016. She is currently the System Administrator for Homeless Services in Washington, DC.


Josh Fredrickson

Co-Director of Fundraising

Josh attended our seminar in 2012 representing East Leyden High School in Franklin Park. He attended Western Illinois University before returning to Chicago, and now works as a Community and Political Organizer in the city. Josh has continued his involvement with ILS, having held positions on seminar staff as a Junior and Senior Coach, on the alumni board as Recruitment Director and President, and on Seminar Planning Committee as Assistant Director of Operations and Staff, becoming Director of Staff for Seminar 2019.

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Sam Becker

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Sam (she/her) is the EDI Director of Teaching and Learning Innovation at the University of Wisconsin and works with students and employees within the School of Education on developing their awareness and skillset around equity diversity and inclusion (EDI) issues. She has a background in social justice, information sciences, and education and her primary areas of work are EDI focused curriculum development and adult learning.

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Amanda Lemm

Co-Alumni Advisor

Amanda Lemm has been involved with the Illinois Leadership Seminars since 2005 when she represented Zion Benton Township High School as a student participant. Since then, she has volunteered every year by being on the alumni board, a junior staff member and senior coach. She is currently one of the Co-Alumni Advisors with Kristin Nickels. Amanda graduated from SIUE in 2011 with her Bachelors and Masters degree in Secondary Education Sciences. Amanda is currently teaching chemistry at Washington Community High School in Washington, IL.


Kaitlyn Marquardt

Co-Alumni Advisor

Kaitlyn attended ILS in 2015, representing Durand High School and has been involved ever since. She has held positions on seminar staff as a Spirit Leader, Junior Coach, and Senior Coach, on the alumni board as Vice President and President, and on the Seminar Planning Committee as Assistant Director of Recruitment. She is eager to begin as the new Co-Alumni Advisor. Kaitlyn graduated in 2019 from Illinois State University, where she earned a double major in Finance and Management and is now an Associate Private Wealth Consultant at COUNTRY Financial.

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Natalie Garling

GFWC Representative

Natalie attended ILS as a high school sophomore back in 1999 and has been involved ever since.  She was very involved in Junior Staff and has served as Senior Coach and Director of Programming.  She is currently serving as GFWC IL Liaison on Corporate Board and focuses on maintaining and strengthening the incredible support received from GFWC Illinois clubs across the state.


Alexis Garcia

Member At Large

Alexis attended Illinois Leadership Seminars in 2012, representing Chicago Public School’s Taft High School, and hasn’t missed one since. She has proudly worn several hats for ILS, namely junior coach, operations team member, President of the Alumni Board, Director of Operations, and member of the Corporate Board. Alexis graduated in 2018 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she earned a double major in Philosophy and Political Science. She is currently pursuing her Juris Doctor from UIC’s John Marshall Law School.


Samantha Reshel

Gallup Representative

Samantha is a senior business solutions consultant at Gallup and partners with small and mid-sized organizations in Illinois and Wisconsin on culture, performance, engagement
and selection initiatives. Her primary areas of expertise include people development through a strengths-based lens and creating exceptional workplaces through a culture of engagement. Samantha earned a bachelor’s degree in animal sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She received a master’s degree in developmental and cell biology from the University of California, Irvine.


Rob Williams

Member At Large

Rob Williams attended Illinois Leadership Seminar in 2013, from Vernon Hills High School. He has since served as a coach and Director of Programming for Seminar. After getting his BA from Augustana College in History Education, Rob is presently working as a teacher, track coach, and pursuing a History MA from Pittsburg State University. 

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