The 2022 Seminar will be held in Summer 2022. Nominations are opening up soon.

Please read below for more information or contact our Seminar Chair using the button at the bottom of this page.


Our Annual Seminar

The mission of ILS is to unleash the leadership potential of Illinois youth. We achieve this mission, in part, through our multi-day flagship seminar, held annually in June. This year we will be inviting one sophomore student from Illinois high schools to attend. Our Seminar is completely free to the students, their families, and their schools. 

We encourage leadership development through emphasis on:

  • Personal responsibility

  • Volunteerism

  • Increased awareness of social and community issues

  • Open-minded analysis that considers all sides of an issue when making decisions

During Seminar weekend, leaders are pre-assigned to groups of 8-10, led by one adult Senior Coach and two Junior Coaches, student alumni of our programs.  

The main objective of all programming elements is to build each leader's skills to maximize their own strengths, to consider and appreciate the strengths of others and leave the weekend well-equipped to take on the challenges of making a difference in their classes, schools and broader communities. 

Additionally, they now have a network of other high achieving student peers, as well as adult mentors, from various backgrounds and across the state.

We also encourage our leaders to stay active in our organization to support the future development of ILS and, more importantly, the future generations of leaders in Illinois. We are very proud of the leaders that our Seminar serves: they represent the bright future of Illinois and continue to make our world a better place.

Sending a Student to Our 2022 Seminar.
We ask counselors/school representatives to fill out the nomination form to nominate one sophomore student leader from their school to attend our Seminar. The student MUST currently be completing their SOPHOMORE year of high school (attending Seminar the summer between their sophomore and junior year). The counselor or school representative in our records will receive a nomination email with the instructions for how to nominate a student from their school. Please remember, only one student per age per school may attend. Once a student has been nominated, that student and their parent(s)/guardian(s) will receive a registration email with a link to the registration form.

If you would like to nominate a student from your school and would like to join our mailing list to receive the nomination email, please email our Seminar Chair, Ixtel Viramontes, at

Seminar Details

Seminar 2022 will take place on June 2022. When attending our seminar, students must attend the entire seminar. Programming is structured to build upon itself throughout the weekend and full participation is required.

If you have questions regarding Seminar, our programming, or ILS in general, please view our FAQs below or contact our Seminar Chair, Ixtel Viramontes, at


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