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Open Positions

Your support is important to our work at Illinois Leadership Seminars. There are many ways you can contribute towards our causes, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. Below are positions we need filled in an active role in our organization.

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Open positions

Applications are now open for ILS 2023. Seminar will be held Friday, June 9 through Sunday, June 11, 2023, at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL. 


You must be 21+ by June 8th, 2023 to be selected for Senior Staff. Each Senior Coach is paired with Junior Coaches and work together to lead a small group of leaders through Seminar weekend. This includes facilitating small group discussions, leading group bonding activities and ice breakers, knowing and communicating the seminar schedule and logistics, acting as a role model throughout the weekend and beyond, and guiding them towards unleashing their leadership potential. In addition to this, Senior Coaches are responsible for supporting Junior Coaches as they continue to develop skills as a leader.





There are four different teams that work to make seminar weekend run smoothly. Each is essential for creating the magic of seminar for the leaders. 

On the Administration Team you will be one of the first faces the leaders see. As a member of the team you can expect to: aid in checking in leaders, welcome speakers and assist in making sure donors and volunteers do not go unrecognized. The admin team is a close-knit, collaborative, behind the scenes team that works with data and spreadsheets. Most of the work is administrative, but it comes with one really big perk: you’re not just volunteering at this year’s seminar – you’re helping ensure that there will be a seminar for years to come. If you like spreadsheets, teamwork or just have a passion for volunteering, consider joining the team!

A Junior Coach's primary focus is their small group. You are there to back up and support the senior coach.  This will involve tasks like helping to facilitate discussions, helping to create a sense of team unity, getting snacks or drinks for your team, and helping keep track of student leaders as they move from location to location. You may be periodically pulled from your group to help with big projects, but your main focus is your group.

The Media Team records and photographs the events of seminar. This team will be assisting in utilizing video, photo and social media in capturing the best of the seminar and presenting it to the outside world. You will have a unique view of the seminar (both in-front and behind the scenes) and the opportunity to interact with many of the groups while helping to tell the story of the weekend.


Just like the Rangers in Jurassic Park, Team TECHceratOPS (Operations and Tech) are tasked with making sure Seminar is a well-oiled machine! They are tasked with problem solving, setting up, tearing down all things seminar from rooms to the technology used for programming. They do preventative maintenance in each room and ensure that everything is ready at least 15 minutes prior to Leaders arriving. They ensure that leaders never have issues with access, multimedia, and are available at the drop of a dino-egg to help wherever needed. If you have a passion for organization, multimedia performance, logistics, or just want to practice your Ranger skills, Team TECHceratOPS is the team for you!




This year we are also accepting volunteers to facilitate activities and help out throughout the seminar weekend. You must be 21+ by June 8th, 2023 to be a general volunteer. 




All applications are due by 11:59pm CST on Wednesday, April 5th! Reach out to Dale with any questions or concerns at 773-910-3253 or

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